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Hello and welcome to the Steam Cracked Games forums! The rules here are pretty standardized, but don't be too tense and you'll be fine.

Avoid the following:
  1. IMPORTANT: Excessive self-promotion
  2. All posts and discussions must be in English.
  3. Racist, sexist or prejudiced comments or slander
  4. E-fights, excessive discussion or harassment from other users
  5. Language, posts, offensive, disgusting, aggressive, profane or derogatory images
  6. Excessively long or disturbing images, changes in text or format or other blatant disturbances in the forum.
  7. Links to sites that violate forum rules.
  8. Pornography, gore or nudity, even if drawn, censored or edited, and pornographic discussion.
  9. Discussion of illegal activities
  10. Death threats, threats of violence and defense or discussion of suicide.
  11. Publication of personal information. This includes, but is not limited to: Steam ID / usernames, phone numbers, full names, physical addresses, IP addresses, emails
  12. Representing an administrator or moderator.
  13. Manipulate or abuse the positive vote / electoral brigade system.
  14. Sale or request for products and services.
  15. No short links or redirects to ad networks.
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